VENT spoken & written word

Ventnor Fringe 2022


All events are FREE at The Green Room, Ventnor Town Council

1 Salisbury Road, PO38 1EJ

Sat. 23rd to Sat. 30th July

5pm to 6pm each day

afternoon workshops  23rd & 24th evening screening on the 28th


The venue is accessible


Sat 23rd July

5pm – 5.25pm                

Lydia Fulleylove and Robyn Bolam ‘Beyond the Grave’: Memoir into Poetry

5.30pm -5.55pm             

Claire Booker and Caroline Vero  Bringing Poems to Life


Sun 24th July 

5pm – 5.25pm               

Telling Tales Writing Group   Four Hundred Words

5.30pm -5.55pm            

King Stammers     5 Ballads


Mon 25th July

5pm -5.25pm                  

Stanza Bonanza Part 1: Portsmouth and Havant Poetry Stanza    This Island City

5.30pm -5.55pm             

Maggie Sawkins   The House Where Courage Lives – Reading and Discussion


Tues 26th July 

5pm -5.25pm                  

Azam Abidov  Literature in Uzbekistan (E-vent)

5.30pm -5.55pm            

Blake Everitt  The Shock of Silence: A Poetry Reading


Wed 27th July 

5pm -5.25pm                  

Poets Anonymous   Poets Anonymous (E-vent)

5.30pm -5.55pm & 6pm -8pm       

MARGENTO, Ovid with Reverb   Various Wanted and more   (film + performance)



Thurs 28th July 

5pm -5.25pm                  

Stanza Bonanza Part 2: Isle of Wight Poetry Stanza   This Island      

5.30pm -5.55pm            

Graham Brown and Sandy Kealty    The Unofficial Secrets Act Presents


Fri 29th July   

5pm -5.25pm                  

Marion Carmichael   People and Places

5.30pm -5.55pm            

Felicity Fair Thompson  Places and People


Sat 30th July  

5pm -5.25pm                  

Literary Waves Publishing Group  Krzysztof Kamil BaczyƄski,  Poet of the Warsaw Uprising (E-vent)

5.30pm -5.55pm            

Kevin Marshall Chopson            DADA-DADA-BRÜLLT-BRÜLLT /      Une Variante



2.30pm - 4.30pm

Sat 23rd July      Maggie Sawkins  Fish or Fowl? Prose Poem Workshop

Sun 24th July      Ventnor Exchange Spoken Word Collective Workshop


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